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Why the prudent venture into astrology ?

Let me first start by introducing myself

Hello!!! I am Jeson...not Jayson...or Jason...just Jeson. My life as of now has been a search to understand the mystery of life. The world is built on millions of how's and what's and when' journey into the world of astrology began with a condescending smirk..but a curious mind.

Though the idea of " The nobel perspective " was to create a platform for graphic designs, I was often awestruck with the astro world. How can the blue sky give us so many hints about the future!?

My exposure to this aspect was quite recent. Born in a very orthodox family with a Christian make..I was far from all the calculations of the stars and planets. A friend of mine, was intrigued to start a business and he told me that his family would check for auspicious dates and time. In my mind...I thought.." what difference does it make!! Everyday is followed by an another day and every time is followed by every other time, It is the human conscious and intellect that is driving the man kind not some stupid star". But I wanted to see if there is something for me in it, a sprinkle of fortune or a dust of warning. "May be I might become Bill Gates, who knows, haha", I said to my self.

"I am Iron man!"

Then It all began, It felt like those games advertised in Facebook..."what element are you!?" Or " which Avengers superhero are you? "... I didn't want cash in blindly so I started checking online predictions. "I am a Super hero, I don't need some stupid website to say that!" haha. It was fun in the beginning but eventually every site had a different thing to say. "Boring.. Just what I thought it was, another blind ancient mythology", I thought. Then one of my friends advised me to stop wasting my time on those pun games and meet with an actual Vedic Astrologer and I say, that day totally changed the basic perspective of my existence..

The astrologer I met was the father of one of my friends, some one I can trust but at the same time didn't know any thing about me. The day I met him went like this. I was very blunt. I said "Sir, I know you are an astrologer but I am very new to astrology, I have a sarcastic mind towards it, I want you to tell me what all happened in the past, and then and only then I will consider any thing that you will predict about my future"

He was ready with a blunt reply too. He said, 'I cannot predict your past, In fact no one can predict the past or the future with such high accuracy unless the person is very will learnt. I can try to predict what I see from your chart'. I felt a sarcastic "fair enough". He started predicting and there were no bill gates or 007 scenes happening. In fact, what he said was something very different from the philosophies and goals I had in life that point of time..

"This is Impossible. It has be. Just another blind ancient mythology". But then hiding my anger and sarcasm with a beautiful smile, I asked him "Now can you say something about my past." He didn't want to answer that. I was very persistent, I needed to prove him wrong, Some kinda self pride within me. Then he started speaking. The few things he said was a bit random but highly accurate. I thought he was beating around the bush, "This could be the same for anybody right?", I thought to myself. I asked for more, but he said that the past is the past and it is better to leave it at that. I came out with a confused mind but the things that he said about my future were ringing like a 5 am alarm in my head.

But It was that evening when I met my friend (his son), the turning point! He said that there were some horrible things of my past but his father didn't want to share it because it might hurt me. I forced my friend to say it and he started speaking. Alas, the shocker, It was all true. My friend actually didn't know what he was talking about, he was talking something out of topic, but I clearly knew what it meant.

My world started spinning. "Could astrology actually exist, this is insane. Some stupid planet, far off, controls my life? What happened to my free will? May be I am looking at this in a very wrong way. I need to know more on how this system works. I need to know more. I need to know more", thoughts bombarding my mind!

"Time to become Dr. Strange" the astro world has been around for sometime and the study materials were generous. I was dwindling between websites and videos on "Rasi pallans"... Even if the knowledge on this subject was filed over years of statistics with a touch of probability....predictions had about 50 % accuracy rate. This triggered my mind. If its probability, there must be aspects that do not correlate at all but how does 50% stay true! I started digging in more deep.

I wanted my answers and my friends wanted my sanity. "Jeson, stop wasting your time and go on with life, Its a beautiful day". I said "NO!". In Tamil, there is a saying, "The rabbit I caught had three feet". Those who know Tamil will understand. haha. To keep it short, I didn't listen to them.

I do know that our life is ours in the making but I was still not convinced. Want to know what happened next? Stay tuned for my next post.

I will tell you about how I began to understand the scientific theory behind the existence of astrology. I warn you, you don't want to miss it!!

Until next time...this is Jeson signing off

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